Search & find bike transport easily - transport agency for bikes, bike accessories and luggage. Whether travel companies in organised cycle tourism or private cycle travellers. Use this network to find the right transport service provider based on your transport needs.

Transport service providers use this network to generate orders and avoid empty runs.

Bicycle transport for cycle tour companies & cycle hikers

There are many companies that offer bicycle transport services. These services make it possible to transport the bicycle from one place to another while the trip participants themselves travel by other means of transport or the bicycles have to be returned from a past tour. Bicycle transport services are often offered by private companies. There are various ways in which the bicycle can be transported, including on bicycle racks for normal cars, minibuses with bicycle trailers and large truck transport services.

When choosing a bicycle transport company, it is important to inform yourself about the services and prices of different providers and to find the best offer for your own needs, whereby it is not always just the price that is decisive. It is also important to find out about the transport options and damage insurance offered by the different providers. Some companies also offer additional services such as bike rental, repair and maintenance services.

Luggage transport for cyclists & cycle travellers

There are various ways for cycle hikers or cycle travellers to transport their luggage.

One option is to use luggage racks on bicycles. These carriers can be attached to the front or rear wheel axle and offer space for luggage bags or baskets. There are also special bicycle travel backpacks designed specifically for carrying luggage while cycling. These backpacks usually have an ergonomic fit and are equipped with hydration systems and other practical features.

Another option is to transport luggage with a luggage trailer. These trailers are attached to the bicycle and usually offer enough space for a larger amount of luggage.

If all this is too much work for you, you can have your luggage transported from accommodation to accommodation by a luggage transport service while you cycle yourself. This way you don't have to worry about your luggage and can concentrate fully on your cycling tour. There are many different luggage transport service providers who specialise in transporting luggage for cyclists. It is advantageous to inform yourself about the services and prices of different providers before the tour in order to find the best service for your own needs

For customers:
Transport agencies like MoveOn offer customers several advantages. One advantage is that they offer a convenient way to find transport capacities and compare the rates of several carriers. This can save customers a lot of time and money. Customers can view all available transport capacities in one place. Based on information provided by the freight forwarder and price quotes submitted, a more suitable selection can be made by the customer
For forwarders:
Freight forwarders using digital transport intermediaries have access to a wider range of customers than would be the case if they relied on traditional methods of transport search, e.g. via brokerage firms. This is because digital transport brokerages provide a central platform where customers can post their transport request and freight forwarders can search for freight that meets their requirements or to avoid empty runs. This increased visibility can lead to forwarders getting more orders as they can get in touch with customers they might not otherwise have access to.
MoveOn is a one-stop shop for customers and forwarders. This saves time and costs that would otherwise have to be spent on finding a suitable forwarder or customer that meets the respective requirements

No, MoveOn is not a transport service provider itself. MoveOn is a platform to connect customers and forwarders.

Please register by clicking on this website on Register click, both as a customer and as a transporter, registration is free of charge.

Registration/membership with MoveOn is free of charge for both transport companies and customers. We charge a category-dependent fee for posting transport requests. This is made up as follows:

Per category bike: € 0,50
Per category bicycle accessories: €0.10

ExampleIf a transport request is made for
4 bicycles (0,50 € x 4 = 2,00 €) and
10 accessories (0.10 x 10 = 1.00 €) set,
so the listing fee for customers adds up to € 3.00.

An invoice for the listing fee is automatically generated and can be accessed in the admin area.

MoveOn is a marketplace that specialises in the transport brokerage of bicycles and bicycle accessories. The posting of other goods or items is not permitted.

Freight forwarders (transport companies) must meet the following minimum requirements to be accepted as a member:

  • Entering the complete company data (incl. tax number) in the admin area
  • Upload of the business registration or extract from the commercial register

Transport insurance protects shipments against loss, damage and theft during transport and is therefore an important component. MoveOn arranges appropriate transport insurance with an external service provider, which can simply be added as an option when placing a transport request.

They are protected. All information about carriers and customers stored in the MoveOn database is not passed on to advertising companies or third parties under any circumstances.